Creative Outreach & Recruitment

Youth that have disconnected from education, employment and other systems are often difficult to reach through traditional outreach and recruitment efforts. Approaches for youth reconnection that utilize creative engagement and recruitment strategies involving sports, play, or culture can be effective in helping more youth access and stay on opportunity pathways.

The following resources demonstrate models that have used innovative outreach and recruitment efforts to effectively engage and retain opportunity youth, ultimately leading to increased employability and education outcomes.


Seeing is Believing: A Baltimore Team Explores Opportunity Youth Solutions in Mexico

This learning exchange seeks to explore whether elements of Pro Salud's approach could be adapted in Baltimore city, which has one of the highest ratios of opportunity youth, with one in five of the city’s 18- to 24-year olds neither working, nor in school.


Meet the Youth Who Helped Transform a Mexican City

Last year, the city of Chicago recorded 762 murders, with other U.S. metropolitan areas reporting even higher per capita murder rates; yet none comes close to the staggering 3,111 homicides committed in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico in 2010.


A Nonprofit Leader from New Orleans Reflects on the Benefits of Cross-border Learning

From July 9 to 12, representatives of the New Orleans-based Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) traveled to Belo Horizonte, Brazil to take part in a learning exchange with staff and beneficiaries of Rede Cidadã (The Citizen’s Network), a nongovernm