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The Case for Cross-Border Learning: 4 Key Takeaways

Three years ago, (Re)Connecting Youth set out to test a hypothesis: Could innovative global solutions be identified and shared to better meet the needs of the 4.6 million youth in the United States…


Strengthening Impact and Opening Pathways: Baltimore Agencies Pilot an Approach from Mexico

Findings from a Baltimore pilot suggest uplifting opportunity youth interventions from the Global South can strengthen the impact of existing youth engagement initiatives. 

Baltimore & Tijuana


Cross-Border Partners Look to the Future: Integrating a Whole-Person Model from Brazil in New Orleans

Two Rede trainers will head to New Orleans to prepare Youth Empowerment Project staff to deliver elements of Rede’s holistic, movement-based approach. 

NOLA & Belo Horizonte


Life After Foster Care: 3 Reasons Why Authentic Youth Engagement Matters

How might the lives of former foster youth be different if they could benefit from the support of peers who shared a similar journey? 

Nebraska & Argentina